Are You In the Right Frame of Mind? (Written By: Joel Osteen)

Post by Joel Osteen on October 24, 2014

        In John chapter 5, there was a man who was crippled. For 38 years, he had been lying by the pool of Bethesda, a place where miracles took place constantly. There were actually angels present and whenever an angel would stir the water, the first person who got into the pool would be healed.

I can imagine the first few months that he was there, he had great expectation, thinking, “This is going to be my day. I’m going to be the one who gets healed today.” He was passionate. He had enthusiasm. But a month went by and it didn’t happen. He probably got a little bit discouraged. And then three months, and it still doesn’t happen and he’s more discouraged. Then a year…then five years. Now 38 years later, he is still lying by the pool totally convinced that it’s never going to happen.

One day, Jesus came by and asked this man a question. He said, “Sir, do you want to get well?” In a sense, that was an odd question. Of course he wanted to get well. He had been lying by the pool 38 years hoping to get in. But, Jesus wanted to see his attitude.

The way the man responds shows us what his problem was. Instead of saying, “Yes! I want to get well,” he began to make all these excuses. He said, “Jesus, I don’t have anybody to help me get in the water. I’ve tried and failed year after year. You know my legs don’t work. It’s just so unfair. It’s just not right.” Here Jesus, the Son of God, the One that has the power to heal him is standing right there, but this man is so focused on all the reasons that it’s not going to work out.

In life, I’ve found that you can be at the right place in the wrong frame of mind and miss what God wants to do. Some people have been praying for years and years for a loved one but it looks like it’s not doing any good. You’ve been standing in faith for a marriage to be restored, to accomplish a goal, but it seems like one setback after another. Now you’ve lost your enthusiasm. You’ve lost your passion. But I believe, just like in this situation, God is passing by your way today. You are at the right place. The real question is: are you in the right frame of mind? Do you know that this could be your day?

Don’t miss your moment! It may look impossible. But how do you know that God is not just about to turn it around or thrust you to a whole new level? Don’t be like this man and sit around 38 years making excuses as to why you can’t get well. No, God doesn’t want to hear our excuses. He is saying today, “Do you want to be blessed? Do you want to be victorious?” Do you want to live His abundant life?  Then shake off the self-pity and disappointment. Rise up and say, “Today is my day. Now is the time for healing. Now is the time for breakthroughs. I am in the right frame of mind and I expect to see You’re power in my life!”



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