When All Is Said And Done (Written By: Joel Osteen)

“And as it is   appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment.”
(Hebrews 9:27, NKJV)
TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria
So many people live life   worried about what everyone else thinks and wondering how they can impress   other people. But we have to realize that when we come to the end of life,   we’re not going to stand before people to give an account of our lives, we   are going to stand before Almighty God. He is not going to say, “Why didn’t   you do what so-and-so said to do? Why didn’t you fit into their mold? Why   didn’t you take their opinion?” No, He is going to ask, “Did you become who I   created you to be? Did you stay true to what I put in your heart?”

This is where Saul missed it.   Saul had a big destiny. God had great things in his future, but Saul was so   insecure that he let people squeeze him into their mold. He was afraid he was   going to disappoint somebody. He said in First Samuel 15:24, “I disobeyed the   Lord’s instructions because I was afraid of the people, so I did what they   asked.” Notice Saul knew what to do. He even admitted it, “I disobeyed God’s   instructions.” Why? He was a people pleaser. He forfeited his destiny in   order to please people. Friend, don’t let that be you! Don’t be a people   pleaser, be a God pleaser because pleasing God is all that matters when all   is said and done!

Father God, today I   set my heart and mind on pleasing You. Help me to break away from the snare   of people pleasing. Help me to stand strong against criticism and learn to   walk in love always. Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my   heart be pleasing to You always in Jesus’ name. Amen.
— Joel &   Victoria Osteen
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