Living a Satisfied Life (Joel Osteen)

“With long life I   will satisfy him, and show him My salvation”
(Psalm 91:16, NKJV)
TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria
One key to staying passionate   about life is to simply stay productive. You have to have a reason to get out   of bed every morning. You have to keep your goals out in front of you. You   may retire from the job, but don’t ever retire from life. You have to choose   to keep your mind active, keep growing, keep learning and keep helping   others. You have to find a way to stay productive. When you stop producing,   you stop growing and thriving.

God promises that if we’ll   keep Him first place, He will give us a long, satisfied life. You may say,   “How long is a long life?” Until you’re satisfied. If you quit producing at   fifty and you’re satisfied, then the promise is fulfilled. I don’t know about   you, but I’ve got too much in me to stop right now. I’m not satisfied. I’ve   got dreams that haven’t come to pass. I’ve got messages I haven’t given. I’ve   got a family to enjoy. I’ve got grandchildren I haven’t seen yet.

Today, get a vision for your   future. Get a vision for staying productive. Expect to be fulfilled, expect   to live a satisfied life, and expect to embrace all the good things God has   in store for you!

Father in heaven,   thank You for the promise to live a full, satisfied life. Today, I choose to   press forward. I choose to shake off mediocrity and disappointments from the   past so that I can take hold of every good thing You have in store for me in   Jesus’ name. Amen.
— Joel &   Victoria Osteen


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