Perfect toward Him (Joel Osteen)

“…I will walk   within my house with a perfect heart”
(Psalm 101:2, NKJ)
TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria
This time of year, people   often take time to reflect and set goals for the New Year. But have you ever   set “perfection” as a goal on your list?

Now, that may seem a little   strange or unobtainable to many, but really, in God’s eyes perfection isn’t   about performance. In fact, it isn’t about behavior at all. What God is   looking for is a heart that is perfect toward Him. Scripture says that man   looks on the outside, but God looks at the heart. That means that He is more   pleased with someone who has a heart toward Him who may mess up than He is   with someone doing all the right things for all the wrong reasons.

The condition of your heart   is extremely important to God. When you have a right heart, you are humble   before Him. You seek His ways. You get up each day with a desire to please   Him. You submit every area of your life to Him, and you are willing to make   adjustments and receive correction so you can grow and come up higher.

As you prepare for the coming   year, make knowing Him your number one priority. Yield yourself to Him and   let Him shape your character. Serve Him with all your might and let your   heart be perfect toward Him!

Father in heaven,   thank You for all of Your blessings in my life. I declare today that You are   good and thank You for Your mercy. I set my heart and mind on You and ask   that You have Your way in me. Help me to love You perfectly and keep me close   to You in Jesus’ name. Amen.
— Joel &   Victoria Osteen


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