Overdue home repairs

This tough economy has touched the lives of many Americans. Many have lost jobs and cut spending to an as needed basis. those who kept their jobs and did not lose their home have also cut spending. Both realities have caused many families to neglect much needed home repairs. This is a growing trend we deal with on a daily. Along with your 401k, IRA, etc., our home is the largest investment we have so, if at all possible do not postpone these repairs.

Find a qualified contractor you trust to come out and look at the repairs you need. The contractor should be able to help you identify the repairs that are the most critical (I.e. structural repairs, roof repairs, major water leaks) and help create a plan to get these repairs completed.

Of course I am biased toward our company but, I understand that there are other qualified contractors in your area. My main goal is to create an awareness of this growing trend and ask that if it applies to you and your home seek qualified help.

Take Care

Kennard Renovations (Kennard Investments, LLC Company)
Business: 704.995.7917
Fax: 704.531.4671
BBB Accredited Business

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